The Kin Bag was created by 10 year old McKinley based off a business model she originally launched at her school in the hallways of the fourth grade.

“My mom gave me some Ipsy bags she had stacked up. I took them to school. Me and my friends brought new unused products and toys from home and we filled the bags. We uploaded pics of our inventory to the google drive and people purchased the bags at recess.
I eventually decided I wanted to take my business to the next level, being inspired by my parents who are entrepreneurs, and I asked them to help me rebrand and move it online. 

Although I do have my parents help and support, they’ve had me be a part in every area of the launch of the business from understanding the capital they invested in me to launch, business entity formation, I helped set up the bank account, had to learn to track profit and loss, I helped create the logo, the merchandise, and the marketing.

Thank you for supporting my journey, checking out my website, and helping me empower other future boss ladies like me!


Future CEO